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Elba Public Schools



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Section 500 - Students


501 Equal Education Opportunities

501.01 Equal Educational Opportunities


502 Student Admissions

502.01 Resident Students

502.02 Nonresident Students

502.02 R1 Resolution to Policy 502.02

502.02 R2 Appendix 1 to Option Enrollment Policy

502.03 E1 Parent Packet

502.03 Entrance - Admissions

502.05 Student Transfers In

502.05 Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals

502.06 Student Re-Entry to School

502.07 Exchange and Foreign Student Admissions

502.08 Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade Levels

502.09 Assignment of Continuing Students to Class


503 Student Attendance

503.01 Compulsory Attendance

503.01 E1 Attendance Improvement Plan

503.02 Student Attendance Records

503.03 Excessive Absenteeism

503.04 Student Release During School Hours

503.05 Students of Legal Age

503.06 Pregnant and Parenting Students

503.07 Married Students or Students With Children

503.08 Homeless Children and Youth


504 Student Rights and Responsibilities

504.01 Student Due Process Rights

504.02 Student Involvement in Decision Making

504.03 Student Conduct

504.04 Student Conduct on Buses

504.05 Corporal Punishment

504.06 Student Appearance Regulations

504.07 Care of School Property and Vandalism

504.08 Freedom of Expression

504.09 Student Lockers

504.10 Student Use of Computers

504.11 Student Electronic Network Use Policy

504.12 Weapons

504.12 Regulated Devices - Beepers, Cell Phones, Laser Pointers

504.14 Use of Metal Detectors

504.15 Secret Societies or Gang Activities

504.16 Smoking, Drinking, Drugs

504.17 Searches, Seizures, and Arrests

504.18 Juvenile Court and Referrals

504.19 Questioning of Students By Outside Agencies

504.20 Bullying Harassment By Students

504.20 E1 Bullying Harassment Complaint Form

504.20 E2 Bullying Harassment Witness Disclosure Form

504.20 R1 Bullying Harassment By Students Investigation Procedure

504.21 E1 Request to Waive Student Fees

504.22 Dating Violence


505 Student Discipline

505.01 Detention of Students

505.02 Probation of Students

505.03 Suspension of Students

505.04 Expulsion of Students

505.05 Fines, Fees, and Charges

505.06 Physical Restraint and Seclusion

505.06 R1 Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion


506 Student Activities

506.01 Student Activity Eligibility

506.02 Student Organizations

506.03 Student Government

506.04 Student Publications

506.05 Student Performances

506.06 Student Fund Raising

506.07 Student Activities Funds

506.08 Student Physicals for Athletics

506.09 Student Activity Honors and Awards


507 Student Records

507.01 Student Records Access

507.02 Student Directory Information

507.02 E1 Releasing Information Form

507.02 E2 Permission to Publish

507.02 E3 Sharing Information with Other Programs

507.02 R1 Authorization for Releasting Student Directory Information

507.03 Student Photographs

507.04 Student Library Circulation Records


508 Student Health and Well-Being

508.01 Student Health and Immunization Checkups

508.01 R1 Background Information For Parents Vision Requirement

508.02 Administration of Medication to Students

508.03 Communicable or Infectious Diseases

508.04 Student Illness or Injury at School

508.05 Emergency Plans and Drills

508.06 Student Insurance

508.07 Custody and Parental Rights

508.08 Student Special Health Services

508.09 Guidance and Counseling

508.10 Referral of Students to Other Agencies

508.11 Cheerleaders

508.12 Asthma and Allergic Reaction Protocal

508.12 E1 Waiver of Emergency Repsonse to Life Threatening Asthma

508.13 School Wellness Policy

508.13 R1 Wellness and Nutrition

508.15 Student Concussion or Brain Injury

508.14 R1 Student Concussion or Brain Injury Regulations and Procedures

508.15 E1 Clearance and Permission to Resume Participation

508.15 Head Lice

508.15 E1 Verification of Treatment for Head Lice


509 Student Related Matters

509.01 Class or Student Group Gifts509.02 Sunday and Open Night

509.03 Student Memorials

509.03 R1 Student Memorials Rules and Procedures

611.02 Student Promotion, Retention, or Acceleration

1005.01 R1 Public Complaint Procedure