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February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to February!

At times, employees, parents and students are going to have a situation in which they have a dispute.  This is normal.  How we handle the situation is a learned skill.

Having four daughters of my own I know how I feel when a conflict arises with one of my children.  I have shared with the staff, parents are trusting us with their most important prized possession, their little people, in their lives and we should act according to care for them.  A quote I live by is “The younger the child, the greater the standard of care.”  Meaning a preschooler is going to require more supervision and care than a senior student, in most cases.

In order for a school district to function most effectively the “Chain of Command” should be followed.  As a superintendent I am more than happy to listen to how a parent is feeling, but I will refer you to the proper person to resolve the situation.  For example, if a conflict occurs in the classroom and the parent calls me to solve the problem, I will refer you to the classroom teacher to begin to resolve the conflict.  The classroom teacher would be the closest person to the situation and the person who would have the most facts to resolve the dispute. If the conflict occurs during Physical Education or Music or Art it should be resolved in those classes, so it doesn’t affect the learning in the regular classroom.

If you still do not resolve the situation you may request a meeting with the teacher, principal and parent.  If the situation still is not resolved the superintendent is then involved.  If conflict still occurs after all these steps have been exhausted you may request to be on the board agenda.  All requested items have to be placed on the board agenda 24 hours before the board meeting in and of itself.

The steps to the “Chain of Command” are listed below:

  1.  The authority person closest to the dispute or concern.
  2.  Building Principal
  3.  Superintendent
  4.  Board of Education

All parties involved with the school want the school to function effectively and for the best interest of the students, so how we handle ourselves in front or within the school is essential for staff and parents, alike.

I appreciate your effort to work as a team for the students.


Educationally Yours,

Ms. Allison Pritchard